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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CEO Qualities: How to Influence People?

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How Competent CEOs Enhance Their Influencing Power?: Enhance Your Influencing Power

External personality or personality ethic:

·      Dressing appropriately and appropriate for the occasion (power dressing)
·      Your overall grooming and presentability
·      Personal cleanliness and hygiene
·      Your mannerisms (pleasing and impressing manners and the mannerisms you should avoid)
·     Impressive communication: poise, style, right words, right sentences, command over the language,      right effect

Power position:

·      The power look (many times to intimidate others)
·      Hierarchical position
·      Fame or visibility as an expert- indispensability
·      Closeness to a person holding powerful hierarchical position
·      Position with a nuisance value, harming feature
·      Power to use carrot (bribing at times) and stick

Internal personality or character ethic:

·      Genuineness in behavior with people
·      Courage, fearlessness
·      Justice: no partiality, no favoritism
·      Modesty and humility
·      Value driven
·      High IQ, EQ and SQ
·      Knowledgeable, skilled
·      Walking the talk: no gaps between you private and public behavior (inside-out
       approach: start first with self)
·      Build emotional bank accounts in others
·      Empathic listening
·      Win-win approach in all the dealings
·      Investing in making others capable to utilize the best in them
·      Real problem solver: diagnose before prescribing
·      No games, no ulterior motive, no selfishness

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